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Itís never been easier to conduct your finances from the comfort of your home or office 24 hours a day with Liberty National Bankís Liberty Express® banking. Liberty Express® helps you stay on top of your finances for fewer bookkeeping errors and peace of mind. Expect the Best™ from Liberty Express® online banking.
Get out of line and get online with your Liberty National Bank accounts. Check your balances right from your home or office. Day or night. When youíre on a tight schedule. Or when you just donít want to get in the car again.

You donít have to go to the bank anymore to transfer funds between checking and savings. Liberty Express® lets you do it right where you are on your home or office computer. Talk about a time saver. Especially helpful when you need to transfer money between accounts fast.

Signing up for Liberty Express® online banking is simpleóand free! Just download and complete the application and drop it in the mail or bring it to your nearest Liberty National Bank office. Your life just got a little easier with Liberty Express® online banking from Liberty National Bank.
Q: Do I need to have an account with Liberty National Bank?
A: Yes. You must have a checking account with us. If you donít have one yet, weíll help you find the account thatís right for you.

Q: Is Liberty Express® online banking safe and secure?
A: Yes. We use state-of-the-art security. All transactions are encrypted, and no entry is allowed without your unique access ID and passcode.

Q: What kind of computer do I need?
A: You can access Liberty Express® online banking with any PC-compatible, Macintosh or Web TV computer with Internet access.

Q: Is there a monthly fee for this service?
A: No. Liberty Express® is a value-added service that is free of charge.

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